Produk: Maruni Glass

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Tentang Kami
Since 1991, Maruni Glass has embarked in the journey to develop a better Indonesia. Our products
can be seen in thousands prestigious low and high-rise buildings all over the nation. As the largest and
most technically advanced glass processor in Indonesia, we strive to provide excellent quality ¨C faster
and better every day. Despite the prudent approach to project involvements, our growth has
surpassed those of the same business category. Maruni Glass complete production facility includes
CNC Cutting, Flat and Bending Tempered, Laminating, Insulating Glass Unit, and Digital Ceramic Frit
Glass. We have obtained ISO 9001-2015 in our quality management system for sales and manufac
turing. Together with highly qualifified team and advanced technology, it enables us to produce the
highest quality of products that conform to Indonesian National Standard (SNI).This is in line with our
company¡¯s commitment to achieve and maintain quality and services as one of the most trusted
home-grown manufacturers.
Informasi Produk
Maruni Tempered Glass is processed by heating glass to its transition stage (610-650
degrees Celsius), and then cooling it rapidly with blasts of air through specially designed air
nozzles. This gives the glass high surface stress and tensile strength and it becomes fifive times
stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness. Maruni has three Glasston Tamglass
tempering line, the most technological advance of tempering double low-e emissity value =
0.04%. Thermally tempered glass manufactured by Maruni meets the requirements of
standard SNI.
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